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I have been addicted to genealogy for more than 35 years.  My ancestral roots are deep in Tennessee where I live, so thankfully I don’t have to go far to find a wealth of information for my research.  A great place to conduct genealogical research in Tennessee is the Tennessee State Library and Archives.

I am passionate about making records more accessible to genealogy researchers.  Since 1999 I have maintained the Stewart County Genealogy website for TNGenWeb – a site which I have attempted to make a ‘virtual courthouse’ for those not fortunate like I am to live near the original records.

I volunteer for the Stewart County Archives and have, for several years, extracted records from that county and published books for sale through the Archives, as a way of helping the Archives raise operating funds and of course to make the records more accessible to researchers.

5 thoughts on “About Jim

  1. I recently came across your blog of Perry McCoy (or Tucker!) I have been searching that line of my genealogy recently. Perry is my 3x great grandfather. Thank you so much for your work on Stewart County. My grandmother grew up there and left so much unsaid before she passed.

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  2. I am adopted and searching the genealogy of C. Perry McCoy also. I have tried before and it has definitely been a brick wall like you say. I am the ggranddaughter of Docia McCoy Hand, the ggg granddaughter of Marion Francis McCoy who is the son of C. Perry McCoy. I would love to see the real facts that have brought you to this conclusion. I am determined my children will know whether we are part of the “REAL” McCoys or none at all; perhaps Tuckers!!!!!! Thank you so much!


  3. So does this mean all of Martha Rose’s children except for C. Perry are “REAL” McCoy’s? I am still trying to understand which Daniel McCoy this is! Is there a marriage certificate showing she was married to a Tucker? Is there a birth certificate showing when C. Perry was born? There are lots of C. Perry McCoy’s ggg grandchildren living in and around Nashville. How close of a relative was tested for DNA, and does a 2nd one need to be tested? Lots of questions!!!!!


  4. Martha Rose only married Daniel McCoy in 1839, so only Martha Caroline McCoy (b. ca. 1839) is the only child of Martha.and Daniel. The rest of Daniel’s children (by my count, Campbell, Daniel Jr., Ellen and Elizabeth, must be with another wife or wives.

    This Daniel was born ca. 1777 and died 25 Aug 1854. No marriage record survives (that I’ve found) for Martha _____ and Mr. Tucker, who died in Warren Co. in 1820. Warren Co. is a burned county for early records, alas, but they may have married elsewhere that we haven’t found yet. Neither Daniel nor Martha appeared to have come to Stewart Co. until the mid-1830s.

    It makes no sense to me that Perry changed his name to McCoy at age 19. Since there is very little to tie Perry to Daniel, I’m not convinced that he is Perry’s father anyway. But I can’t work out how Perry’s great-grandson has Tucker Y-DNA and matches on autosomal DNA to Tuckers in the Carolinas. It would be great if other male McCoys would do the Y-DNA test to try and confirm whether they are all “Tuckers” or not.

    Birth and death certificates did not exist in TN until 1908, except in the 4 largest cities, and then only back to the 1870s. There would not have been a birth record for any person born in TN in 1820, except in a family Bible.

    My uncle who took the Y-DNA test and matches only Tuckers was a great-grandson of Perry. There are likely very few great-grandsons left, possibly some of Walter Thomas McCoy’s younger children, who would be in their 80’s now.


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